The TIQS POS POS system with pin terminal is one of the cashless solutions for events we offer. The system is secure and easy to use by your employee.

You can quickly enter orders and the amount from the cash register is automatically displayed on the pin terminal.

The checkout system is divided into different product categories so you can quickly find what you need.

At the end of the event you can print a clear overview of your turnover per cash register unit, using an x-z report.

The system is also equipped with a login code for each employee, allowing you to restrict access to the system and increase security.

TIQS POS + Cashless card

Working with cashless cards is a very safe way to pay because it helps prevent theft and fraud. It is common today to accept cash only through debit or cash payments at the top-up stations. Customers can also top up their card through the QR code on their card. By scanning the QR code, customers are redirected to their online banking app.

Event organizers primarily use the TIQS POS units at the bar and the mobile TIQS POS units (cell phone) at the checkroom and restrooms such that they have precise cash flows per cashless unit.

This solution allows you to collect valuable information about customers, such as who the best customers are, how much they spend and on what. With this information, you can decide to reward your best customers with a voucher or free ticket to the next event.

By taking this approach, you can increase customer satisfaction and strengthen customer loyalty.



Are you an event organizer looking for ways to offer your customers an even better experience? Do you want to offer an innovative and user-friendly solution that allows your customers to order and pick up their drinks and food quickly and easily, without long queues at the bar? Then the TIQS ORDER app is just what you need!

This revolutionary app allows your customers to easily place and pay for their orders using their own TIQS wallet. After placing an order, the app generates a unique QR code, which can be scanned at any bar or food area. This allows your customers to pick up their orders quickly and easily, without having to wait. This ensures faster throughput and a better experience for your customers. Moreover, the TIQS ORDER app offers many advantages for you as an event organizer. Namely, you can save costs on staff and process more orders, resulting in higher sales.

It is the perfect way to take your event to the next level and stay one step ahead of your competition and offer your clients a great experience they will be talking about for a long time!

TIQS Hybrid

Want to make your event cashless, but worried that some customers may not be familiar with working with mobile apps? No worries, we have the perfect solution for you!

TIQS HYBRID offers a combination of TIQS POS with cashless cards or pin terminals for customers who are not so handy with mobile apps, and the TIQS ORDER app for customers who are familiar with working with an app. This allows you to

create a fastlane for customers who use the app, while other customers can simply order at the bar and pay with their debit or cashless card.

The TIQS ORDER app makes it easier than ever for your customers to place and pick up their orders, while the use of TIQS POS and cashless cards ensures that all your customers can participate in a safe and convenient payment experience.

This perfect combination of cashless solutions will ensure that your event runs smoothly and efficiently, while all your customers can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free payment experience at your event!