With TIQS you create more revenue, provide even better service and get instant insight and control over your visitors, customers and business processes. We do this by using QR codes.

The QR code is here to stay. Payments, registrations but also taking orders goes flawlessly through the QR code.

TIQS specializes in QR code solutions. We do this for hundreds of companies with thousands of users.

TIQS supports Event organizations with ticketing, HORECA with ordering and reservations, TAXI companies, and even lost & found. TIQS makes QR code usage simple, fast and effective.

Read below about the different solutions that will help you make more revenue and get a better grip on your business processes.


Your own digital ordering APP for food and drinks, including takeout and delivery.

Simple, effective, straight to work, because your success is our success. Your order APP is fully customizable in your own house style. Flexibility, cost savings and sales increase.

All your different disciplines together, reservations, tickets, Marketing, QR ordering, staffing and Lost & Found.

No separate import and export. A completely comprehensive, proprietary emailing, newsletter and mobile notification system with loyalty. Complete and all in one platform TIQS.

From QR mass to personal checkout.

A POS system for your IOS and Android tablet

The biggest advantage of working with a tablet cash register is that with a tablet you are mobile. Where a traditional cash register is always at a fixed point, you can easily put the tablet cash register in a different place in the business and even use it as a handheld to take and check out orders at the table.

Our POS system is clear, user-friendly and easy to operate. The tablet works intuitively and hardly needs any explanation. You can get started with checkout quickly and accurately. As a manager, you can see in real time how your sales are doing, anywhere any place.