Make your event a success

Events and software solutions are in our DNA. With over 30 years of experience in organizing events and over 40 years of experience in writing software solutions, we are the best match for any organization. Besides our standard solutions we also offer customization and create Apps, rsvp forms, websites, ...., among others.

  • In-house sales
  • Brings your buyers into even better focus
  • Personalized branded ticket shop
  • Generates cash flow, with daily disbursements
  • Protects you from reselling your tickets

Easily manage and analyze your visitor data. Get real-time feedback on campaigns and sales efforts. Compare sales metrics to optimize your marketing strategy. The built-in integration of Tiqs TAGS, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager allows you to deeply analyze traffic and visitor behavior in your webshop, whether it's online ticket sales, mobile app sales or on-site box office staff. With Tiqs' solutions, you manage and optimize your ticket sales in just one system.


Scanning different Ticketing platforms

Especially for the event industry, Tiqs offers the ability to register any type of barcode - including those from other ticket sellers - and scan it directly into the system.

This allows event organizers to collaborate with multiple ticket sellers to increase their market. No hassle of using different scanners at the door and works with both our self-scanner and the Tiqs Event Scanner app .

Of course, you can also do door sales through the app. In short, any kind of ticket can be scanned and sold, including those from ticket platforms like EventBrite, Ticketmaster and Paylogic, eventix and other smaller ticketing parties. Both through the self-scanner and through your mobile device (scanning can be done with image and laser)!


With Tiqs, you just sell more!

Our support to you as a promoter, as well as your visitor is simply the best in the market. We are proud of that. We are available 24/7 and therefore you simply sell more.


Our functionalities:

  • Clear dashboard with the statistics that matter
  • Instantly see your sales (day, week, period)
  • Where do your buyers come from (location)
  • How many visits to your website versus sales (churn)
  • Tiqs Tag's you can instantly see where the purchase is made (online and offline marketing)
  • 2 step "wizard" and your event is online
  • unlimited ticket templates. (design you can customize yourself)
  • Unlimited branding of your ticketshop
  • Create additional fields in your ticketshop for additional information
  • Grouping of tickets /drop down of grouped tickets
  • Cluster of ticket numbers
  • Multi ticket shop of multiple ticket shops of your own tickets or those of others
  • group tickets / multi scan
  • Linked tickets (Parking, drink tokens, vouchers)
  • Vouchers
  • Blocking QR code until event starts (countering resale)
  • importing from other ticketing sales platforms

Powerful tools to help you successfully sell your tickets

Multiple ticket types: Regular, Group, VIP, Parking, Boozebags (drink packages), Bus, Camping, Merchandise, etc....
Have Ticketwaves automatically transition on sold-out or set by date

  • Sales statistics: geographic and demographic data Tags for measurable sales results
  • Data: name, first name, address, email, cell phone number, gender, age Create additional data fields
  • Sending out guest tickets
  • Link vouchers (drink or discount or sponsor) to tickets Facebook and Google Pixels integration
  • Discount Codes
  • Secret code
  • Ticket shop personalization (color)
  • Scan results
  • Secure payment methods (iDeal, Bancontact, Visa, Mastercard, Payconiq, Ideal, My Bank, ...)
  • Ticketshop calendar (with multiple ticketshops)
  • Website integration via iframe
  • Support 24/7

Ambassador program

Start your own ambassador program and use the TIQS Ambassador App to sell your tickets. Ambassadors earn points or are compensated according to the sales they make for you. In the app you can track sales results in real time.

Advance sellers can also use the TIQS Ambassador App. They can advertise and sell tickets to your event at the same time.

Another facility is that you can start the pre-sale at any POS and any Tiqs location of your choice in your area, for example through a Bruna or Primera store, cafeteria or restaurant of your choice. You determine the margin yourself!


Faster accreditation at the door with the self-scanner

At Tiqs, we understand better than anyone how important speed, mobility and reliability are in event accreditation. Our in-house developed self-scanner is lightning fast and accurate. Watch the video, how the self-scanning system frees the hands to give a coin for the "change cup"



At Tiqs, we understand better than anyone how important speed, mobility and reliability are in event accreditation. Our in-house developed self-scanner is lightning fast and accurate. Our scanning software is state of the art scanning software using image and/or laser. With this advanced application you can sell and scan tickets that can be seen real-time in your sales statistics, both in your dashboard and in the app itself.